About Vince Delgado

Vince Delgado is a master percussionist and composer who has played music for over sixty five years. He is a jazz musician, Middle Eastern musician and has studied classical North Indian music extensively. He was the executive director of the Ali Akbar College of Music in 1968 under the guidance of the great sarodist Ali Akbar Khan. He has appeared on Saman Yolu Television in Istanbul with renowned oud player Necati Celik; in Paris, US and Canada with Zakir Hussain, in India with John McLaughlin, in the San Francisco Bay Area with many jazz artists including Larry Vuckovich, John Santos, John Handy, and Eddie Marshall.

Vince performs classical and traditional Arabic and Turkish music, and composes music. He has his own music company, Chente Publications, producing compact discs and instructional books in the Middle Eastern genre.

In addition to his Jazz and Mid East Recordings, Vince's percussion work may be heard on numerous CDs as a guest artist and studio musician. Throughout his career, he has performed with many jazz artists,Middle Eastern artists, and world music drummers from Latin America, Africa, India and the Orient.

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