These CDs feature a full hour of music perfect for listening, teaching, dancing, or practicing. Each CD features four rhythms, playing continuously in the same tempo for at least 14 minutes, with dozens of beautiful, authentic Middle Eastern melodies on each volume. Performed by Jazayer. Mimi Spencer on Kaunu, Devi-ja Croll on Violin, Vince Delgado, Mark Jaqua and Susu Pampanin on percussion.

$12 Each 60 minute CD (tax included) + $3 shipping/handling


$46 for all 4 volumes (tax included) + $5 shipping/handling - US Addresses Only
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eternal rhythms volume 1 Volume I
Slow and medium baladi, medium six-eight, slow masmudi.
eternal rhythms volume 2 Volume II
Slow chifte-telli, medium karsilama (9/8), slow rhumba, slow Sa'udi.
eternal rhythms volume 3 Volume III
Medium and fast ayyoub, medium fast karsilama, medium Sa'udi.
eternal rhythms volume 4 Volume IV
Medium masmudi, fast baladi, six-eight, chifte-telli.
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